Millennium BCP Adopts the Equator Principles

LISBOA - 02 January 2006

Millennium bcp adopted the Equator Principles, as part of the Sustainability strategy and the Social Responsibility Values supported by the Bank.

The Equator-Principles stand as a set of guidelines, to be followed by financial institutions, to manage social and environmental matters in the financing of large projects. With the adoption of these Principles Millennium bcp commits to act in accordance with specific policies and procedures related to Project Finance activities.

By adopting the Equator Principles, Millennium bcp will categorise all projects, with capital cost above $50 million, according to the social and environmental risk associated to the project. According to the rating category (A, B or C), the projects may be subject to specific procedures, according to the World Bank and International Finance sector guidelines.

The voluntary adoption of the Equator Principles by Millennium bcp represents a natural step, taking into account the Bank’s track record towards the economic, social and environmental pillars, reiterating Millennium bcp as a benchmark in the social and environmental field.