National Australia Bank adopts equator principles

Melbourne - 25 October 2007

National Australia Bank (NAB), through its institutional banking and capital markets division nabCapital, has agreed to a global social and environmental benchmark for financing projects greater than US$10 million by adopting the Equator Principles. NAB joins other global banks from 21 countries adhering to the policies set down by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation. The Equator Principles are a set of globally recognised, voluntary guidelines to assess and manage social and environmental project financing risk, especially in emerging markets. NAB's Project Finance activities reside within the nabCapital business.

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EDC adopts Equator Principles

Ottawa – 25 October 2007

Export Development Canada (EDC) today announced that it has become a signatory to the Equator Principles, an international financial industry benchmark for assessing and managing social and environmental risk in project financing.

“Adopting the Equator Principles reflects EDC’s ongoing commitment to conduct its international business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and confirms the strength of its existing corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies,” said Eric Siegel, President and CEO of EDC.

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Société Générale adopts the Equator Principles

Paris - 03 September 2007

Société Générale Group is announcing that it has adopted the Equator Principles, a voluntary set of guidelines for managing environmental and social issues in project finance. Introduced in 2003 under the aegis of the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, this initiative has been adopted by around fifty international banks.

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