Financial Bank adopts Equator Principles

Lome, Togo - 18 February 2008

Financial BC is the first African bank coming from three monetary areas (WAEMU/UEMOA, EMCCA/CEMAC and Guinea Conakry) to adopt the Equator Principles, a voluntary set of environmental and social guidelines for project financing and other businesses. The Group is not only focused on big projects but also on daily business opportunities.

Financial BC is pleased to join leading financial institutions established around the world in formally adopting these principles. Our direct presence in Africa will assist international institutions to be a reliable partner locally and ensure them we have the same social responsibility.

FINANCIAL Group’s historic commitment to sustainable development is based on a firm conviction. It is also encouraged by its employees, customers and partners.

FINANCIAL Group has adapted the generic definition of sustainable development to suit the needs of a financial institution. The goal is to satisfy current development needs without compromising those of future generations, based on a responsible approach to the role of banker, which takes into account the interests of all our stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees and civil society.

The principle of sustainable development in action is anchored in the Group business culture since its creation. It is an essential component of the Group's strategies, which advocate the development of a socially equitable economy.

For its own development, FB chooses the best geographical locations and business opportunities to ensure long-term growth, and guarantees an ethical approach and excellence in the development of its activities.

Financial BC is located in Benin, Chad, Gabon, Guinea Conakry (UIBG) and Togo. Those countries being part of monetary areas, the Group can manage and intervene from its countries to other countries belonging to WAEMU/UEMOA, EMCCA/CEMAC and Guinea Conakry.