DekaBank Adopts Equator Principles

Frankfurt, 01 March 2011

DekaBank officially adopted the Equator Principles as of March 1st 2011 commit-ting itself to a set of global standards for the management of social and environ-mental issues in the field of project finance.The Equator Principles are based on World Bank and IFC guidelines. They oblige committing financial institutions to finance projects only if it can be guaranteed that the social and ecological impact of projects is assessed.

DekaBank has acted according to the Equator Principles for some time and now officially formalises these rules as one of only a few banks in Germany. “As the central asset manager of the German Savings Bank Finance Group we believe that adherence to social and environmental standards is a key to sustainable success”, said Thomas Christian Schulz, Head of Credits.

Compliance with the Equator Principles underlines DekaBank’s commitment to the implementation of sustainable practices in all fields. “We are pleased to add a fur-ther component to our sustainability strategy and would like to be measured by these principles in the future”, said Thomas Christian Schulz.

DekaBank is the Central Asset Manager for the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. With managed fund assets of about € 160 billion, more than five million customer deposits and group locations in Luxembourg and Switzerland, the DekaBank Group is one of the largest asset managers in Germany.

DekaBank currently employs about 3,500 people.

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