CIBanco, first Mexican Bank to adopt the Equator Principles

Mexico City, 7 March 2012

CIBanco S.A. is the first Mexican bank to adopt the Equator Principles, and has committed to the assessment and management of social and environmental risks and impacts in its credit process. The Equator Principles is a framework for determining environmental and social risks in project finance transactions.

“By adopting the Equator Principles, CIBanco shows its commitment to sustainable finance and to Mexican economic development through sustainability” said Jorge Rangel de Alba, Chairman of the Board of CIBanco.

CIBanco, for its fourth anniversary, has incorporated sustainable finance principles into its operations and has appointed a Chief Sustainability Officer to its Board of Directors. It has also created an independent Sustainability Committee to advise the Board on environmental corporate policies and practices.

The Equator Principles, created in 2003, have become the global industry standard for environmental and social risk management in project finance and is also adopted by financial institutions who also wish to ensure best sustainable banking practices. Currently 74 financial institutions in 27 countries have adopted the Equator Principles.