Banco Pine S.A. adopts the Equator Principles

São Paulo, 07 December 2012

PINE, a wholesale bank specializing in maintaining long-term relationships with large companies and investors, hereby announces its adoption of the Equator Principles. PINE is the first and only Brazilian mid-sized bank to adopt such principles.

The Equator Principles were launched in June 2003, and are adopted by financial institutions to help them assess and manage environmental and social risks and impacts in project finance transactions.

The Equator Principles are applied to project finance transactions where total project capital costs exceed US$10 million and are based on International Finance Corporation Performance Standards on social and environmental sustainability and on the World Bank Group Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines (EHS Guidelines). Today more than 75 financial institutions have adopted the Equator Principles.

As of today, Project Finance loans in excess of US$ 10 million will undergo additional environmental criteria.