Eksportkreditt Norge Adopts the Equator Principles

Oslo, 27 June 2014

Eksportkreditt Norge AS (Export Credit Norway) is joining the international initiative to safeguard environmental and social conditions and is adopting the Equator Principles on June 27th 2014.

Export Credit Norway is following many of its business partners in adopting the Equator Principles, formed to ensure responsibility and sustainability in financing of international projects.

"Many of the international banks we work closely with have adopted the Equator Principles, and the initiative has contributed in raising awareness on social and environmental issues. We therefore see it as a natural step for us to join the initiative," CEO of Export Credit Norway, Jarle Roth says.

Among other things, the Equator Principles has contributed to shedding light on key environmental issues such as pollution and has raised awareness about the rights of indigenous people and minorities, as well as social conditions of workers. Since its inception in 2003, 79 international banks in 34 countries have adopted the principles.

"The Equator Principles resonates with our core values. Such initiatives will always be gaining strength by major organizations taking part, and through our membership we hope to further the promotion of sustainable financing in the years to come, especially with respect to the construction and operations of rigs and vessels to the offshore oil and gas sector" Roth says.

Export Credit Norway is adopting the Equator Principles on 27 June 2014.