Cathay United Bank is the first bank in Taiwan to adopt the Equator Principles

Taipei, 23 March 2015

Cathay United Bank (CUB) becomes the first Taiwanese bank to join the Equator Principles (EP) Association. CUB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Financial Holding Company (Cathay FHC), the largest financial holding company in Taiwan. By adopting the Principles, CUB has declared its commitment to the assessment and management of social and environmental risks and impacts in its credit process.

“’Sustainability’ is a widely discussed topic among corporations and is also a commitment that a company makes in its pursuit of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The underlying connotation of corporate sustainability encourages corporations to embrace environmental, social, and governance issues as a strategic tool to modify corporate management system and operation model while seeking profits,” stated by Tsu-Pei Chen, Chairman of CUB.

Being an EP signatory not only reinforces CUB’s corporate commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, but also helps CUB integrate long established environmental and social risk evaluation system. In 2015, Taiwanese regulators started requiring financial institutions to publish their CSR report annually, however Cathay FHC has been publishing its non-financial information since it founded its CSR committee 4 years ago. Cathay FHC will continue to systematically integrate and develop its sustainable finance policy with its subsidiaries.

The EP is adopted voluntarily by financial institutions and is applied to Project Finance Advisory Services, Project Finance transactions where total project capital costs exceed US$10 million, and Project-Related Corporate Loans and Bridge Loans that meet the relevant criteria and thresholds. After CUB joins the EP Association, 80 Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs) will have officially adopted the EP, covering over 70 percent of international Project Finance debt in emerging markets.

About Cathay United Bank

CUB is a full-service bank serving consumers and businesses with over one hundred domestic branches and over ten overseas offices. For businesses, we offer a complete line of products and services, in addition to experienced staff members who are committed to helping their customers’ enterprises succeed. For consumers, we offer different consumer banking products to meet the financial needs of individuals as well as families. At CUB, we build the bridges between banking, insurance, trust and securities services through our parent company Cathay FHC and affiliated companies. Our customers will be able to enjoy “one-stop shopping” when banking with CUB.

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