EPFIs Review of Equator Principles

08 June 2006

During March-May 2006, the Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs) have engaged in a substantive review of the Equator Principles (EPs). As previously announced, the revisions to the existing EPs are being undertaken to 1) reflect implementation learning from the past 2 ½ years, 2) incorporate comments from various stakeholders received during this period, and 3) to ensure incorporation of, and consistency with, the IFC Performance Standards. The engagement and review process included outreach to key stakeholders (including clients, NGOs and various Official Agencies) on the proposed revisions. The engagement process was also extended to facilitate receipt of feedback from all stakeholder groups. The review process has now concluded, and EPFIs have considered comments received during this period. The EPFIs are now considering the final draft of the revised Principles and conducting their internal approval processes to re-adopt the EPs. The EPFI aim to make the new revised Principles publicly available via this website on July 6, 2006 – this shall also be the effective date for this new set of Equator Principles.