IFC Launches Web-based Private Sector Guide to Biodiversity

IFC Launches Web-based Private Sector Guide to Biodiversity - Why biodiversity matters and how it creates business value

The International Finance Corporation launched a Web-based guide to help companies understand and address biodiversty as part of their core business practice. With a focus on emerging markets, the guide provides guidance at the strategic and operating (implementation) levels, drawing on case studies from IFC's own portfolio.

“Emerging markets hold the majority of the world’s most significant biodiversity assets,” said Richard Caines, Manager of IFC’s Environment and Social Development Knowledge & Innovation Group, responsible for the guide. “Through this guide, we aim to provide information that will contribute to a sustainable use of these resources by the private sector.”

The guide provides an overview of issues surrounding biodiversity, including its importance to society and the relationship of biodiversity to business. Through examples and links to other information, this Web-based tool helps businesses understand both how they can manage the business risks from biodiversity issues, and how they can capitalize on business opportunities, such as new markets, that are associated with biodiversity maintenance and protection.

The guide features sector-specific biodiversity issues for 10 major industry sectors, as well as several case studies on how companies (including a number of IFC clients) have addressed biodiversity issues in their business operations.

Download the Guide.