EPFIs Meet After Nearly One Year of EPII Implementation

Washington D.C. - 12-14 May 2007

On May 14, 26 out of 51 EPFIs met to discuss lessons learned and challenges related to EPII implementation. 6 recent adopters attended the event and made a significant contribution to the success of the meeting. EPFIs have been implementing the new Principles for nearly one year following their revision and launch in London last July. Bank of America hosted the day-long event in Washington, DC. Issues related to EPFI governance, disclosure and transparency related to Principle 10, and other items were discussed. This EPFI meeting was then followed by a 2-day series of meetings at the International Finance Corporation (IFC's) "Community of Learning" event which focused on lessons learned from application of the IFC Performance Standards. EPFIs interacted with and heard from IFC senior management and staff, and also had the opportunity to interact with a number of environmental representatives of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) from across the globe.

For the guidance note on reporting related to Principle 10 of the Equator Principles, please see the attached document. (48k)


World Bank Group Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines updated

30 April 2007

New versions of the World Bank Group Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines (known as the 'EHS Guidelines') are now in use. They replace IFC Guidelines and World Bank Guidelines previously published in Part III of the Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook and on the IFC website.

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LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae Publishes Client Briefing on Equator Principles

London - January 2007

LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, a leading global law firm, has published a client briefing on the Equator Principles. It is written by Paul Q. Watchman and Tim Baines.

The client briefing gives an overview of the Equator Principles, and highlights their background, prevalence and scope, but focuses on the implementation requirements for EP2. It also sets out a summary of the primary differences between Equator Principles 1 and Equator Principles 2. For the full text of the briefing please see the attached PDF (860k)