EP Association Members Meet Export Credit Agencies and The IFC in Paris

16 & 18 February 2011

On 16 February 2011, EP Association Members met with Export Credit Agencies at the OECD to discuss the OECD Common Approaches revisions process, and to exchange further information related to the EP Strategic Review process and other topics.

Additionally on the 18 February 2011 the EP Association Steering Committee met with the IFC Policy Team to discuss the IFC's Draft 2 of the Performance Standards (released for public comment in December 2010). The Steering Committee provided further comments on the revisions, and reiterated the points made in their submission to the IFC in July 2010. Specifically, they underscored the importance off the comments submitted on climate change considerations and human rights including the importance of including language that incorporates Professor John Ruggie's Responsibility to Respect framework into Performance Standard 1.