Ahli United Bank Adopts Equator Principles

Bahrain, 1 May 2011

Ahli United Bank (AUB) has adopted the Equator Principles, a globally-recognized benchmark for managing social and environmental risks in Project Finance. AUB will apply the principles to Project Finance activities in all sectors with capital costs of US$10 million or above, in accordance with the Equator Principles declaration.

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‘Green' risks in project financing

India - 12 April 2011 - The Hindu Business Line, Koyel Mandal

With a number of projects facing protests and environment clearances being challenged, financial institutions need to adopt internal guidelines to manage such risks effectively. In the last decade or so, a number of companies or projects in India have either been shut down temporarily or permanently, or have been heavily penalised as a result of adverse environmental and social impacts. Read more

Land in Africa remains an emotive issue

Cape Town - 11 April 2011 - HWMA Online, Claude Harding

Investors buying farmland in Africa need to take note of the political and emotional risks involved, and it is essential that they do their homework before making any purchases. A growing number of international investors are looking to buy farmland on the continent in order to meet the global demand for agricultural commodities. Read more

Ex-Im Bank Adopts The Equator Principles To Facilitate Project Finance Application And Review

Washington D.C., 31 March 2011

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) today announced its adoption of the Equator Principles, a globally recognized benchmark for financial institutions to determine, assess and manage the social and environmental risks of international project financing.

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Solidaridad releases report, “Benchmark Study of Environmental and Social Standards in Industrialised Precious Metals Mining”

28 March 2011 - Solidaridad Network

The report compares eight leading standards for safeguarding people and the environment at industrial precious metals mines. These standards include the Equator Principles and seven other reporting standards, principles and initiatives. The purpose of the benchmark report was to identify an existing standard that could serve as the most effective tool for managing a wide range of environmental and social impacts at industrial precious metals mines. Read more.

Banking on Sustainable Business Practices

Nigeria - 24 March 2011 - Business Day, Anthony Osae-Brown

"Our staff have now, as part of their core responsibilities regarding the key performance indicators (KPI), shown us how they are contributing to the society they live in. So we now have examples of staff who have taken it upon themselves to intervene in the society purely from their own resources. This way, our staff are gradually making an impact in the society,” Ebenezer Olufowose, Executive Director, Access Bank plc, stated. Read more

DekaBank Adopts Equator Principles

Frankfurt, 01 March 2011

DekaBank officially adopted the Equator Principles as of March 1st 2011 commit-ting itself to a set of global standards for the management of social and environ-mental issues in the field of project finance.The Equator Principles are based on World Bank and IFC guidelines. They oblige committing financial institutions to finance projects only if it can be guaranteed that the social and ecological impact of projects is assessed.

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EP Association Members Meet Export Credit Agencies and The IFC in Paris

16 & 18 February 2011

On 16 February 2011, EP Association Members met with Export Credit Agencies at the OECD to discuss the OECD Common Approaches revisions process, and to exchange further information related to the EP Strategic Review process and other topics.

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Equator Principles: Do they make business sense?

India - 27 January 2011 - Eco Business, Abhijeet Deshpande

Equator Principles (EPs) seem poised to make a key contribution towards sustainable project finance lending and ultimately, safeguard investors’ interests. Read more

Natixis Adopts the Equator Principles

Paris, 30 December 2010

Natixis announced that it had adopted the Equator Principles, a financial industry standard for managing social and environmental risk in project financing. These principles will be applied worldwide to all new Project Finance lending and advisory, for projects with capital costs of US $10 million or above, in all industry sectors supported by Natixis : infrastructure, power – renewable energy, natural resources, oil & gas, mining and telecommunications. Because Natixis is aware of its social and environmental responsibility in terms finance, it has implemented an environmental appendix for its project finance operations since 2005.

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